So indie, it hurts

So Pitchfork is a pretty funny site. Wading through an album review, you'll find a dictionary, thesaurus, abacus, and protractor are all necessities to decipher half the shit they spew. The writing isn't for the faint of heart (nor is it for someone who just is curious to another layman's opinion of a band's latest offering). In fact, David Cross wrote a hilarious tongue-in-cheek review of the site, on the site. Read that here.

An example, whilst reading the review of the latest Doves album:

Perhaps this restlessness is indicative of certain frustration on Doves' part in seeing their efforts eclipsed by less imaginative, more mawkish Britpop bands, and in turn, a desire to distance themselves from the sad-sack pack; it's hard to imagine the likes of Elbow turning in something quite as fierce and paranoid as "House of Mirrors", a fuzz-soaked stomper punctuated by jarring, bump-in-the-night sound effects.

Yes, that was one sentence. It's okay though - one of Pitchfork's most redeeming traits rests in its "TV" section. Here, you can find countless videos of music, whether it be music videos, live performances, etc.

It's pretty awesome. Here are a few that I find to be most excellent for the price - zero dollars, American.

Vampire Weekend - M79

Phoenix - 1901

The Hold Steady - Lord I'm Discouraged

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