Things you can learn in a week.

Hey all,

Back from the beach and slowly but surely reassembling things. I learned a lot of new things this past week and I just figured I'd put a list of some of them together.

1. Bud Light makes a damn killing at the beach. Or at least they did last week.

2. Dizzy Bat in a potentially deadly but highly entertaining game that should not be played on concrete, only sand.

3. A Full Extender is a great way to induce a need for a shower. Also, a great way to get beer in your eyes and on any other bodypart other than your mouth.

4. An alarming amount of self-averred straight men have an unhealthy obsession with Lady GaGa and Katie Perry. I would be a happy man if I never had to hear either one ever again.

5. Pear-Bear is half man-gaga/half machine and is most certainly the last man standing.

6. Don't ever try to peer pressure JC into a beer bong because he will most certainly puke, just like he said he would directly before said bong.

7. There are no less than 100 variations on the last name of one Sean "Marang".

8. The Nature Boy Rick Flair was alive and well last week at the beach.

9. Your neighbors will without a doubt hate Rick Flair.

10. The cops do not enjoy Rick Flair either, especially when you Wo, Woo, WOOOOOO them as they are walking back to their car after asking you to keep it down.

11. Bocce Ball is a very easy game.

12. Coronas can be opened with any number of different household items.

13. A Paper Towel is not a suitable replacement for toilet paper.

14. Miller Lite is still not an acceptable replacement for Bud Light.

15. Con Jarr is a mighty man when it comes to wiffle ball.

16. Wiffle ball is much more fun when played beer constantly in hand.

17. Sweet Tea Vodka is delicious.

18. Jean shorts are an acceptable form of beachwear.

And I am spent for the moment. Comment below with any other additions.

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  1. Great recap and a solid trip.

    "I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me. Papa, papparazi!"