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Plano teen eats fetal pig parts on classmates' dare

09:09 AM CDT on Saturday, May 30, 2009

By MATTHEW HAAG / The Dallas Morning News

Some kids will do anything for money.

Last week at Shepton High School in Plano, a ninth-grader agreed to eat parts of a fetal pig – and not just any parts – for $50.

The second-period biology class was wrapping up a third session on dissection when a couple of students proposed the dare.

"What was I eating?" the boy recalled asking.

Testicles, the students replied.

He gulped them down one at a time, he said, trying not to bite down.

"It was just like swallowing a pill," said the 15-year-old, who is not being identified because of his age. "It wasn't that bad."

School officials, who declined to comment, apparently took a different view, especially because the pigs are soaked in formaldehyde, a toxic chemical used to preserve the tissue.

They called the boy's mother, who couldn't be reached for comment, and a trip to the hospital followed.

"She said, 'How could you be so stupid?' " the boy said.

After the hospital, he said, he went home and brushed his teeth – three times.

He said he collected $40 but owes his mom $100 for the hospital visit.

"It wasn't very smart," the boy said.

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