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Wearable Towel: Summer's Answer To The Snuggie
By Laura Northrup

It's too warm out now to use your Snuggie, but you just don't look weird enough around the house. What to do? The alert trendspotters at Gawker brought this exciting new product to our attention. Meet the Wearable Towel! The towel with arm openings! There's even a Snuggie-style commercial on the site, which, mercifully, I can't embed here. Sorry, it's on YouTube. I have to inflict it on you.

The Wearable Towel, which can best be described as "a towel, with some slits in it" can be worn "tunic-style" or "toga-style." The commercial even shows someone wearing it outside. Outside of the house. To get the paper. OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE.

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