Spring Collection, Part 5

Spring has sprung and we are in the midst of some beautiful weather when it is not raining. We have told you about some wonderful ideas for the hotter temperatures, and I would imagine that very few of you have taken our advice. Shorts and T-Shirts will suffice when it is steaming during the day, but you may be lost when it comes to those cooler nights, adrift in a sea of flannel shirts, sweaters and other such abominable clothing. Well, drift no more good sirs, for I am here to tell you about an inexpensive and tried-and-true method to keep yourself warm. It is the off-shoulder sweatshirt, otherwise known as the flashdance sweatshirt.

It is truly easy to make and should cost you nothing out of pocket. All you need is some scissors and a crew-neck sweatshirt. Easy-peasy Japanesey. Cut away and you'll have yourself some great, new, original evening wear. It will provide warmth on those brisky nights, yet will still allow for no-fuss shedding when coitus appears imminent. Don't take my word for it, hear what B Harris has to say. Absolutely raving, he squeals "I don't go anywhere without my off-shoulder sweatshirt. It is great for working out and going out. The girls just seem to point and stare at all my stylish good looks." He added later after a bout of tears, "If I could stem this recent tide of premature ejaculation, I could potentially have sex with one of those girls." He has found himself making more and more of these sweatshirts because as he puts it, "they are really the only thing I can fit over my head without stretching out the collar."

The conversation went from upbeat to downtrodden in a matter of minutes as B Harris reflected on his life, but I think you can tell he is a big fan of this idea. You should try it out.

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