Beisbol been bery, bery good to me!

B Harris' stone-cold locks:

AL East - Like Cheeze said, this is without a doubt the strongest division in baseball. You almost feel for organization like the Jays and O's, who in years past had to contend with 2 thoroughbreds - now, it appears those cute little Rays are here and here for good. As for how they'll finish - you really can't find much between the top three: Rays get the nod for defense, Yanks for bats, and Sox for their arms. I like the Yanks here.

AL Central - Should be a two-horse race between the Twinks and the Tribe. Of course, no one gave the ChiSox the time of day last year, and everyone expected the Tigers to score 1,800 runs. Detroit has no healthy arms, (save Verlander), the Whitesox will have to rely entirely too much on an aging rotation (save Denks and Floyd, the latter of which can expect his numbers to rise significantly this year), and the Royals are for whatever reason, the sexy pick on the lot. A good rule of thumb is to ignore anything that comes out of John Kruk's mouth. Ditto Steve Philips. Actually, how about we just lump all of ESPN toegether. Read ESPN for game recaps - that's it. Their results-based analysis that focuses on things like "grit", "veteran leadership", etc. is awful. But that's a different rant. I like the Tribe.

AL West -
Terrible division. You can make an argument for all four teams. Obviously, being the homer that I am, expect Felix to pitch the M's to an improbable West title. Man, that was easy.

NL East - I like the Mets here. They've shit the bed the past two years when they've clearly been the best team in that division. While signing "closers" to huge contracts is ridiculous, KRod and Putz is an awfully nice back-end.

NL Central - Cubbies. Too much pop, too much pitching. Easily the class of the NL.

NL West - Hmm, which team will be first to 80 wins? I say the Dodgers. Heinous division, though.

WS - Yankees over Cubs

AL MVP - Maybe this year, people will give this guy credit for being the best AL centerfielder - a role he has held for 2+ years now. Grady Sizemore.

NL MVP - Prince Albert. Best player on the planet.

AL Cy Young - I'm not going to pick Felix, that would be too easy. Doc Halladay - best pitcher that doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves.

NL Cy Young - I hope Lincecum. But I'm betting on Johan, because the stupid baseball writers are stupid.

AL ROY - Elvis Andrus

NL ROY - Colby Rasmus

Play ball.

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