Best. Week. Ever.

Arguably the best 7 day stretch of the sports year rolls on today, with another full slate of baseball games to help us forget about the lamest National Championship game ever that occurred last night.

But really, find me a better 7 days. It's impossible. Actually, make that 8 days.

From last Saturday until this coming Sunday, there was/will be: Final Four, MLB Opening Day, National Championship game, more baseball, Champions League Quarter Finals, even more Baseball, even more CL Quarters, baseball, and the Masters.

So we here at AU are happy because the Mariners and the O's are on pace for 162 wins, Junior Griffey is going to hit 162 bombs, and King Felix will win 28 games.

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  1. I think you have underscored the awesomeness that is the Masters. It is the best golf tournament in all the world. I do like the Ryder and President's Cups as well.