New Riddle...

I found this one to be tougher than the Einstein Riddle about the fish. See if you can figure it out. It took me a good 30 minutes.

Bad Shipping

5 guys who live in apartments make orders from the same company. Unfortunately the shipping company delivered every order to the wrong apartment.

1. Roger, who doesn't live in an end apartment, ordered the television set.
2. Tom lived next door to the man who received the dishware.
3. Mr. Weiseman, who didn't receive the automotive tools, lives two apartments from the man who ordered the downhill skis, and one apartment from Harry.
4. Ed, whose last name isn't Smith, lives in apartment #3, didn't receive the automotive tools.
5. Mr. Smith, who doesn't live in apartment #4, ordered the golf clubs but he received the item that Mr. Campbell ordered, which wasn't downhill skis.
6. The bachelor in apartment #1, which isn't Tom, ordered what Al received.
7. The man in apartment #2, who didn't receive the golf clubs, lives next door to where what he ordered was delivered.
8. Mr. Bates didn't order the downhill skis.
9. The television set was not delivered to Ed's apartment.
10. Tom lives in apartment #5.
11. Nothing is known about Mr. Harper.

What did Mr. Bates receive?

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