I have a daily calendar thing that has a different trivia question waiting for me every morning when I get to work. Most are hard, I have only answered a few correctly.

Here are some of the recent ones... and don't google the answers, that is just lame.

1. Which Oscar-winning Best Picture has the longest title?

2. What Company advertised its product in the early 1960s with the boastful slogan, "Relieves gas pains"?

3. How many eggs can a queen bee lay in a single day?

4. What baseball Hall of Fame hurler twice struck out the opposing side using only nine pitches--once in the American League, and once in the National League?

5. Peter Benchley's 1974 blockbuster novel Jaws was about a man-eating great white shark. What killer creature created havoc in his 1991 novel Beast?

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