Bad Beyond Belief

If you were ever to find yourself in the most unfortunate position of being a passenger in Cheeze’s automobile, several things would strike you as odd. First, the bumper sticker that is featured prominently on his rear windshield – I’d Rather Be Casting a Level-IV Demon Spell. Next, the music. Oh dear, the music. In all the years I’ve known Cheeze, there have been but two general CD’s on a constant rotation in his car’s player. The first is any given “Now: That’s What I Call Music! Volume (Insert any number between 1 – 436)” or Limp Bizkit.

Would you listen to a “band” that was fronted by this man?

If the answer is yes, then I probably hate you. Scratch that. I do, in fact, hate you and hope for a case of back-acne so severe, the purveyor
s of ProActiv would cringe at the sight of you.

You know who isn’t the worst (
aside from nearly every other band on the planet, in comparison)? Spoon. And to prove it, have a listen.

Also, amazing goals are very much not the worst. Here is Mario Stanic of Chelski with a moment of brilliance in 2000 against West Ham. As the commentator said – not a bad way to find the back of the net on your Premiership debut. A wonder-strike, to be sure.

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  1. Blog management has poor musical taste. I am especially disappointed in B. Harris, which is quite suprising considering his deep and penetrating involvement with the Alto Soprano Selective Formal Universal Chamber of Kashmir...otherwise known as ASSFUCK.