No Argument about it

Aldous Huxley said it best when he penned the phrase "Most human beings have an absolute and infinite capacity for taking things for granted." From the littlest trivialities to things of great and lasting importance, we are not thankful enough for the things that we have and don't have (i.e., rashes).

Since moving to Po-dunk, I have realized one wonderful thing that I took for granted all the time. Craigslist. I could spend hours on end, mainly at work, perusing CL for Sporting Goods, hard-to-find tickets and loose women. People outside of big cities don't really use or have a need for CL, and it frustrates me. I have no need for camo, deer jerky, truck parts, cow parts, and the type of loose women you find around here (example). Truly, there are only two things I do regularly that amuse me now on CL. First, I can post seductive pictures of B Harris in the M4M section with enticing messages, (soft buttocks for big latin lover. must be gentle.) and then provide his address, phone number and SSN to all promising replies.

I can also, and with just a tad less laughter, peruse the endless hilarity that is Best of Craigslist. I find it a little odd that a good number of people do not know about this section. It is easily the single best thing about CL and I wanted to share it with you in case you hadn't discovered it yet.

Here are just a couple of my favorites.

Damage from Rita


Cat Found!

Engineer Robson

Hope you like. If you want more, just go here.

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