One year older

Tomorrow is not only Saturday, it is B Harris' 25th Birthday. In honor of this monumental event, I thought I would come up with a list of an additional 24 things that I wish were never conceived.

1. LifeTime Television

2. Hello Kitty

3. Cargo Pockets (on shorts or pants)

4. Evangelicalism

5. The Geico Cavemen Commercials

6. Popped Collars

7. Crystal Pepsi

8. Bikinis for Fatties

9. Nickleback/Linkin Park

10. Small Dogs

11. Pauly Shore

12. Turtlenecks

13. France

14. Gilmore Girls

15. Whopppers (Malted milk balls)

16. Croakies

17. Carson Daly

18. Rudy Thomas

19. Single-ply toilet paper

20. Visors

21. Monogamy

22. Puka Shell necklaces

23. Everybody Loves Raymond

24. Fran Drescher

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  1. that is just nasty and wrong because they ned a father figure in their lives and they can't have it if they have so many kids