Oh, Latarian!

Submitted without comment.

Okay, I lied.

Now hear this, Latarian. You are undoubtedly a bright young lad as you've managed to find yourself not only out of the watchful eye of your grandmother, but behind the wheel of her rather lavish Dodge Durango - a sumptuous prospect, to be sure. I can fully appreciate your desire to engage in "hoodrat stuff" with peers. Moreover, getting one's jollys by way of "doing bad things" is undeniably tempting.

To that end, I am hereby exonerating you from all wrongdoing in this instance. If your grandmother had been driving a Buick like every other grandmother on the planet, perhaps you wouldn't have been drawn into the allure of an SUV with custom wheels that span upwards of 20+ inches.

Keep up the good work.

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