I'll take five.

If you have the misfortune of knowing the authors of this blog, you are aware that 50% of us are ninnies.

This is probably a verbatim conversation from the other night or pretty much any weekend:

Lance: "Well, Cutie-Pie, what would you like to drink?"

B Harris: "I'll have a sugar plum fairy shot, a Zima and some more sugar, if you catch my drift." (smooching ensues)

The other 50% percent likes to order like this: "I'll take 5 Guinness Slammers and a Shirley Temple, please."

You all, being part mongoloid, most likely have never enjoyed the greatness that is a Guinness Slammer. It is 25% OJ, 70% Guinness and 5% Amaretto. First, you have the Orange Juice on the bottom, and then layered on top is the Guinness. Finish it off with some Amaretto and you are ready to proceed. It is meant, as the name infers, to be slammed, chugged, slugged down all at once. No sipping here. It is delicious. I used the paint application on my computer to draw you an accurate representation.

I dare you to order one the next time you are out, unless you are trying not to have fun. You will not be disappointed.

Evidence: Rudy: oh yes i miss the nights of guinness slammers, i haven't had one in months, i think i will order one this weekend.

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