Orange is in???

It has come to my attention, not necessarily recently, that girls (boys too, but not in this article) can make some superbly idiotic decisions. On a daily basis they are liable to: dye their hair that stunningly absurd straw/hay color; listen to terrible pop music; menstruate; not make me sandwiches; blindly and against all human intuition believe B Harris when he tells them he is straight; put on make-up whilst driving; wear uggs; buy single-ply toilet paper on purpose; keep shows like Girls Next Door, Gossip Girl and American Idol afloat; cry/whine; consider Oprah to be an authority on life, when in fact, she should be consulted only prior to a pie-eating contest; sport disproportionately-sized sunglasses; get drunk and then cry/whine; and lastly, my least favorite, get a fake tan.

I know that it is the dead of winter, and the suns rays are not strong enough to bake you to that ideal crisp, but for pete's sake, show some restraint. I will refrain from using the term oompa-loompa, but Lord, many of you not only look out of place, but just overtly ridiculous. It really wouldn't even be that bad if you could show some temperance, I will concede that a little color never hurt anyone. Except red heads. Why is it then that you can't stop, you have to keep returning to the tanning bed until any last semblance of sense has been burned away. When I walk around, evidence of fake tanning is everywhere and I think it needs to stop. Please, for the sake of your skin, your general appearance and men everywhere who find it repulsive.

Just look at some of these girls.

Out of place? I'd say so.


give me a break.

No words

I loves it rough


  1. Love to see that you boys have posted your Halloween Costumes per the "No Words" link...

  2. You boys look great in your Halloween costumes per the "No Words" outfit. Great ensemble in the forefront adorned by Cheeze. Why does B. Harris look so shy?