Another Rap-based List

I find it hard to pinpoint entire albums as Cheeze did, so I’ll just provide a sampling of my favorite artists and their respective best songs, as I see it.

The Roots Ital (The Universal Side)

With Tribe’s Q-Tip providing a cameo, this song really does it for me. In my view, the best track on the best Roots album, Illadelph Halflife. I used to blast this track in my silly 1990 Nissan Maxima with my Alpine head unit and 3-way JBL speakers. Whatwhat.

Gang StarrWork

Very much a song that reminds me of collegiate days. Guru is the man and DJ Premier’s beat is sick.

Biggie SmallsThe What

What an impossible call this was. In fact, I already regret picking this one since there are approximately 430 B.I.G. songs that I consider “favorites.” That said, I love Method Man’s verse and this track features some vintage, hilarious Biggie lines.

A Tribe Called QuestElectric Relaxation

Again, very difficult to pick a favorite Tribe song, but this track is sick.

Warren GRegulate

Good gravy I have loved this song for so long. I recall my older brother and his friends sucking it off, so I had a listen and learned all the words. As the years wore on, I developed a miming routine to go along with the lyrics. On a related note, I did not kiss a girl until my 23rd birthday.

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  1. Even better than these songs, is listening to Cheeze freestyle live to Roots Instrumental Beats in his Black Honda Civic. A full translation of Cheeze's freestyle is available at: