Bad ideas from around the world

By continent, not including Antarctica.

Australia - Bindi and Terri - As if Steve Irwin wasn't bad enough, out of pity or consolation they are still putting these two on television. Enough already. On a side note, Bindi is a stupid f*cking name.

Africa - Having unprotected sex - No comment needed. If you don't know then you should fly to Kinshasa and get your groove on.

Europe - The Speedo - Good gracious this kills me. Everybody wears it, from little Leopold to Grandpa. Europeans love tan thighs.

Asia - Chopsticks - You would think that at least a couple people out of a billion would have realized that chopsticks suck.

South America - Running for Political Office - In a sample of 18 Latin American countries from 1971-2000, there were 20 coups d’etat, 451 political assassinations, 217 riots, and 113 crises that threatened to bring down the sitting government. Sign me up, it is worse than honeymooning with pirates.

North America - Escalators - Like Americans need less incentive to exercise. The only time they'll take the stairs is to get up to the food court on the second floor and the escalator/elevator is on the opposite side.


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