I hope everyone remembers the Gummi Bears cartoon from their childhood. For some reason, and I have no idea what that reason may be, I was thinking about the show this morning when I woke up. Honestly, no idea why. Regardless, I came to the realization that this was probably every black kid's favorite Saturday morning cartoon. For two reasons.

Firstly, the characters were always getting to drink what appeared to be Grape Soda. Delicious. Secondly, after they drank said potion, they gained magical powers that made them jump high. Possibly even high enough to dunk in a basketball match.

Now, if you were a little black kid, I think the idea of drinking grape soda all day and then dunking would be pretty much your wildest fantasy. The Gummi Bears got to do it everyday. They envied the sh*t out of them.

Theme song.

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