New Weekly Installment

It has become readily apparent to me that life has become too hard for men and way too easy for women. What, with equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity, it is becoming harder and harder to hold them down (figuratively, not literally - that's still easy). Because of this, I have come up with a new weekly installment to bring them all down a peg. It's called "Blame a Woman" and I hope you learn some neat tricks.

First Installment

Men, if you are fat (which is likely because our readership is 100% American), don't blame yourself. Blame a woman. They should be making you 3 square meals a day, and not forcing you to eat out by being lazy and refusing to cook dinner. So next time you look in the mirror and are disgusted by your appearance, you should think, "it is her fault, not mine." Don't be afraid to tell her things like, "I wouldn't be fat if you could cook," or "If you weren't such a lazy trollop, I wouldn't be so flabby." These comments will successfully put her in her rightful place.

Wishful Thinking.

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