Some game, huh!?

The day after the Super Bowl is the worst. At no point was this made more alarmingly evident than my elevator ride from hell this morning. Being the first one in the awkward box, I quickly pressed my floor, then immediately the "Close Door" button, praying that my 10 floor journey will be made just the way I like it - without companionship.

It wasn't to be. In an apparent move to bolster my company's diversity initiative, new-hire Usain Bolt turned the corner and was inside the elevator with such blazing speed, I didn't even have time to deuce my pants in amazement.

At this point, the proverbial floodgates opened. No less than 6 other persons entered the elevator, each conveniently en route to a different floor. What happened next can only be described as the Quintessential Awkward Monday After the Super Bowl Conversation. This is verbatim, mind you.

Guy Who Makes Thrice What I Bank: Hey, Sharon, how was the weekend?
Middle-Aged Apparent Sports Fanatic: Mike, it was great. And you?
GWMTWIB: Good weekend, good weekend. Catch the game?
MAASPF: I did! Such a good game.
GWMTWIB: It was, wasn't it?!
MAASPF: It really was.
GWMTWIB: I know, it truly was.
B Harris: Enough! The both of you! (brandishes 9mm pistol and paints the elevator walls red with his cerebral cortex)

Alright, the last bit or so is touch-made up, but I think it illustrates my point. Not sure what that point is, aside from my hatred of office small-talk, especially betwixt two individuals in such a cavalier manner in a confined space.

But hey, it really was a hell of a game, wasn't it?

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