A True Hero

Unfortunately, he's Canadian. But he is also amazing. Behold:

From the EdmontonSun.com

BARRINGTON, N.S. -- Graham J. Nickerson is 27 and has worn women's undergarments at least once in his life.

He was really drunk when he did it on Aug. 16, 2008.

Nickerson pleaded guilty Thursday in provincial court to unlawfully entering the home of a senior citizen and stealing a pair of disposable Depend underwear.

It was a Saturday and the Cape Sable Island man was returning from a party somewhere, said defence lawyer Del Wickens.

Wickens told court his client got lost in the woods - and lost his trousers while relieving himself.

Nickerson was just wandering around when he came to a small home along a narrow dirt road in Clyde River.

He didn't know who lived there, said his lawyer.

He walked right in and that's when he spied a pair of women's disposable undergarments.

He put them on over his own underwear and then passed out on the floor.

At about 7 a.m., the 92-year-old woman returned. She had apparently been elsewhere overnight.

Court was told she found an unconscious man on her floor - one who was wearing some disposable women's undergarments.

That sent the woman scurrying down the road to her neighbour, former member of the legislature Cecil O'Donnell.

He said he heard her screams and drove back in his car to investigate, said Crown attorney Jim Fyfe.

Nickerson awoke, staggered outside and climbed into O'Donnell's front seat.

O'Donnell called 911 and the Mounties soon appeared on the scene.

Wickens said his client did not intend to harm anyone. But he said his client did form an intent to steal when he swiped the diaper for grownups. That's theft.

Judge Jim Burrill turned to Nickerson and asked, "How's all this make you feel?"

The reply was inaudible.

"That was the first time I touched alcohol in a long time," Nickerson then said.

Burrill fined the fish plant worker $250 and ordered him to stay away from booze while he's on probation for the next 12 months.


The bar has been set. It's up to you, America, to best our friends from the North.

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