B Harris' Sister Suspect in Robbery

Thirsty bar thief shows a fair bit of cheek

March 6th, 2009

A THIEF has been caught on a surveillance camera with his (her) pants down.

The (wo)man broke into a Darwin bar early yesterday, where (s)he proceeded to take off his (her) clothes and wander around before taking off down the street in the nude.

A manager at Squires Tavern in Edmund St arrived at the bar yesterday morning to find someone had used a brick to smash a window and break in.

When staff checked the security footage they found a (wo)man had broken into the bar about 6am and started drinking the pub's top-shelf liquor.

Things got even stranger when the (wo)man took off his (her) clothes and started wandering around the premises.

Footage showed the (wo)man wearing nothing, before returning to grab his (her) clothes.

(S)He then walked out with his (her) clothes in his (her) hand and turned down Edmund St in his (her) birthday suit.

Police are investigating the break-in.

It is believed about $4000 worth of alcohol was taken.

Footage showed the thief left wearing nothing, before returning to grab his (her) clothes

Courtesy of DBB

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