Good Question

Does B Harris prefer the company of little boys to women? I have asked this question 8 times and I have answered myself with a resounding "Yes" 7 times. That is 7 out of 8, a likely percentage. So, you can take it as an absolute truth.

On a completely unrelated note, I was thinking about how people lose touch. We stop emailing and calling on the phone. No more get-togethers or evenings on the town. Because of this, I figured I would jot down the places that you would most likely find B Harris in ten years. Just in case you wanted to catch up.

1. Chuck E. Cheese.

I would assume a good place to start looking for him would be in the corner stall of the mens room. He may also be hiding underneath all of those colorful plastic balls.

2. Cruising Residential Neighborhoods.

Most likely this will be in a tinted-out white van of sorts. You may find all sorts of goodies and sody pops stashed away in the back. If he is doing well for himself, it might even be an ice cream truck.

3. At a child's Birthday party.

"Oh how nice", you may think to yourself, "he is accompanying his child to a party." "What a great dad!" False. He is there alright, but dressed up in the clown outfit performing tricks and blowing up balloon animals. Creep.

4. The playground.

He will be sporting a baseball cap pulled down low, and some nice aviator sunglasses. There may or may not be a lollipop sticking out of his coat pocket. He will probably frequent school zones as well.

5. "To Catch a Predator"

That's right.

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