Good idea

Sometimes on long drives, I come up with random thoughts in my head to post on this site. This is one of those ideas. I don't have any clue how it came into my head, and I can truly say that I wasn't having any overtly perverse thoughts, at least that I can remember.

When B Harris and I grow up and have the financial means and opportunity to do so, we are going to endeavor to make the greatest porn ever.

It will be a necrophilia-themed pirate porno. The title you may ask... Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Woman's Chest.

Lead Stud: Long Dong Silver (Slays the whores with his schlong)

Lead Ladies: A bunch of dead whores in port

I imagine eye patches and rum and parrots. Great backdrops and backshots.

If you have any interest in auditioning, please send videos or head (i.e. boob) shots to the following...


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