Takes the Cake.

This world is inundated with terrible, confounding and ridiculous black people names on a daily basis. More and more kids are now named la-, da- or ja-something. The lady in this article might just take the cake. Can you even imagine?


A woman named Marijuana plays it straight - and wins

Posted: Mar. 7, 2009

Police years ago pulled over a young woman who rushed through an amber traffic light. "I'm about to arrest this person right now," the irritated officer radioed to a dispatcher. "She's telling me her name is Marijuana Pepsi Jackson."

It's the truth. Marijuana and Pepsi are her legal first and middle names, and the Beloit woman embraces them as a symbol of her struggle to succeed and to help other children overcome obstacles.

No Mary or Mary Jane or Mary Wanda for her. It's Marijuana, thank you, she's told bosses, co-workers and friends over the years, and even wore it on nametags at work.

Sawyer's mother, Maggie Johnson, picked her name. Her father objected but lost the argument. To this day, a lot of family members and best buds call her Pepsi.

In case you're wondering, she said she never once smoked the stuff and prefers orange soda. (Shocker)


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Please comment with other real life ridiculous names.

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