What is your problem?

As this weeks poll comes to a close, it is readily apparent that a ridiculously high percentage of our readers would condone beating a woman. This bothers me for a couple reasons. First, it means that the few women we have reading this blog: a) do not take the time to vote (trollops); b) are just a tad loony; or c) are fond of practicing masochism. Second, the sirs that voted are terrified of herpes. From what I can tell from my conversations with B Harris, it isn't as bad as it seems. Sure there are days where his nether regions resemble the complexion of his back and face in high school, but it goes away in due time.

In other news, we've added a couple features that you may or may not have noticed. The weekly poll for instance. There is also a new feature that allows you to email posts to your friends and family and ridicule us as much as you'd like. Also, you can become a lemming of the blog. If you don't know what a lemming is, then I think you should probably just walk your pretty tush up to a cliff and take a nice little jump. This world does not need you.

There is a new poll up. Your participation is not optional.

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